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Introducing Chaplain Kevin Anderson

From Your Pastor Search Team

Our team immediately turned to God when we began our work last April.  We did not know where our search would lead, so we simply relied on Him to lead us to the person He knew we needed.  As much as each of us loves Fairfield Mountains Chapel, we love because He first loved us and so our team put all of our trust and faith in Him.

We had some very good candidates and left to our own devices, it would have been extremely difficult to choose among them.  Looking back, it is exciting to see how God worked through us to lead us to Chaplain Anderson because the process could not have worked out the way it did without His guidance, wisdom, and discernment.

We have learned so much about Chaplain Anderson over the last 6 months through a variety of means, but perhaps nothing was more telling than his interview.   One of his personal goals is to be faithful to who God has called him to be.  Furthermore, one of his ministry goals is helping other people find and strengthen their relationship with God to discover what God has in store for them.  When asked to name a favorite bible verse, he chose

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8

Chaplain Anderson is a God-fearing man with a servant’s heart.  He is genuine, humble, approachable and engaging with a very good sense of humor.  We like him a lot and as you get to know him, we believe you will admire the same qualities that drew us to him.  It is our hope that you will pray fervently in the days leading up to his introductory sermon on October 18th.  Draw near to God, put your trust in Him, ask for His guidance, and seek His will for Fairfield Mountains Chapel.

Faithfully yours,

Judy Arnold

Mike Clardy

Dianne Johnson

Pam Keith

Charlie McVicker

Beth Stover

Dot Wardsworth

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